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Rural Wellness Anadarko Hospital

Rural Wellness Anadarko Hospital/RWAH opened in 1978 as the pride of the community. Over the years, like many rural hospitals, the physical plant was deteriorating, admissions slowed and patients were forced to seek healthcare in far away, urban areas.

Type of Facility

Critical Access Hospital

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Anadarko, OK

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RWAH faces major issues

Though the community took great pride in their hospital, times were difficult.

RWAH faced what appeared to be insurmountable hurdles. Conversion to a Critical Access Hospital in 2000 helped, but didn’t correct all ills.

It was clear that more attention was needed on issues facing the hospital, its board and the community. Partnership with AVEM has turned the facility around and put it in a position to sustain the community.


Physical plant was deteriorating faster than maintenance could sustain


Key medical service providers and vendors sever relationships


Medical and administrative staff went unpaid as hospital failed

RWAH calls on AVEM for help

AVEM partnered with RWAH in 2006 to bring renewed vigor to the life of the hospital and the surrounding community.

The focused commitment to staff training and career development has paid off. Rural Wellness Anadarko Hospital is now a recognized leader among Critical Access Hospitals. The hospital has highest patient satisfaction scores ever! The community is stable and growing aided by AVEM’s commitment to local investments.

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The 4 to 1 patient/nurse ratio means staff can provide more service and “touches” and can handle the most medically complex patients.

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RWAH offers services traditionally found in larger, urban facilities.

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The relationship between Avem Health Partners and RWAH has invigorated the community by serving the healthcare needs of its people and providing expanded highly paid job opportunities.

  • Now offers the services bigger hospitals have…but, close to home.
  • Highest patient satisfaction scores ever! Treat everybody as if they were family!
  • RWAH contributes to the economic progress of the entire region, thanks to excellent jobs and investments in the local community.
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Medical Services


Swing-bed Services

Radiology and Imaging

Hospital Services include:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Department
  • Pulmonology with 24/7
    Respiratory Therapy
  • Cardiology Clinic Services
  • Telehealth Services
  • Inpatient Surgical Services
  • Inpatient/Outpatient Wound Care
  • Inpatient/Outpatient Rehabilitation
  • Full Service Laboratory Testing
  • Radiology and Imaging Services including CT Scanning and Ultrasound
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Speech and Respiratory Therapy
  • Medically Complex Swing Bed Services

What the community says about TPHA.

“Nurses and nursing staff is what makes this hospital above all others in patient care.”

“Best medical hospital for treatment and rehabilitation after surgery.”

“Always accommodating to my family and visitors.”

“EVERY member of the staff is just wonderful. This is by far one of the best hospitals I've had to stay in. I just can't say enough about the staff (nurses, doctors, cleaning staff, cafeteria staff, etc.). I brag to every one about this hospital.”

“The whole staff cared for my wellbeing—I’m blessed to have such care.”